do you swim during summer?

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Are you working towards a goal? When did you start? Was it the week before you wanted the goal, how about a few months before or was it a long-term goal that you started working on long before you wanted to achieve it?

Working in the fitness industry we see it all the time, people wanting to reach their summer goals as soon as the weather reaches 20 degrees, what we all know though is that our “summer body” needs more than 2 months to get into shape and it is the same when it comes to children learning water safety.

Our overall aim for swimming lessons is to keep our children safe when we go to the beach, pool, river, dam and let’s not forget the bath! Our swimming lessons spend 30 mins focusing on water safety and stroke technique. Why do we teach stroke technique when we know that water safety is the most important skill? Well that’s because when we a child gets stuck in the water and the stroke technique kicks in (pun intended!)  it will help the child to get back to safety.

Water safety is not just treading water, although this is still a very important skill. Water safety also includes getting in and out of water safely, being able to get back to the wall when you fall or jump in the pool, floating, submersion and finding the surface of the water. During our parent and child classes (for children aged 6 months – 3 years old) we work on these skills as well as teaching parents how to hold your child in the water and how to safely submerge them in the water.

Everything we do as humans is based on habits, when something in our life takes a backwards step we fall into our bad habits, but not all habits are bad. When we are going well it is our good habits that keep us focused and working towards the goal. The perfect example of this as adults is our habits when it comes to exercising and how much water we drink throughout the day. In our children we are trying to teach them to implement positive habits for their health and development.

Adults working to build a habit require 30 mins a day 3 times a week for 90 days before the habit becomes a part of who we are, as parents we just do not have the time to commit to 90 consecutive days of swimming lessons to build that skill/habit, but what we can do is to commit to a weekly class of swimming lessons for the year.

When your child is enrolled in lessons for the four terms of the year they are attending 40x 30 minute lessons per year , that is giving them 20 hours a year to learn their swimming school, if you stop your child’s lessons over winter that is reducing the hours to only 10 hours for learning the vital skill of swimming lessons in a year, would you be able to develop a lifelong habit in just 10 hours?

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